Confidence and Planning are a Must on a Phone Call

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Knowledge of the basics of business etiquette and the ability to establish contacts through freephonecalls is an integral part of the professional experience of employees. According to statistics, to solve more than 50% of business issues actively used the phone. Indirect negotiations at 0800 are very different from direct business communication.

Non-observance of the basics of telephone etiquette affects the image and reputation of any organization.

What are the basic rules of communication by phone? 5 stages of preparation for telephone calls

The result of the free business calls depend largely on the planning. Effective calls cannot be spontaneous. Preparation and planning of negotiations can be divided into 5 stages.


Collection of documents and materials for a telephone conversation must be done smoothly.


Determination of the purpose of telephone negotiations (obtaining information, setting up a meeting) is very important.


Drawing up a plan for a business conversation and a list of questions to be asked is a must.


Make sure to choose a convenient time for the interlocutor.


A positive attitude is as important as the planning of negotiations. The voice most often heard is a smile, fatigue or negative emotions that a business partner can credit to his account. In order for the voice to be “alive”, it is recommended to conduct telephone conversations while standing and smiling! Rules of communication by phone in the business sphere. At the beginning of the conversation cannot use the words: “hello”, “listen,” “speak.”

The first and elementary rule is:

Introduce yourself benevolently when answering a call. For example: “Good afternoon. Manager Tatiana. Company “Fortune”. Negotiations should be brief. You cannot discuss a deal or another case on the merits. To do this, you must appoint a personal meeting. During a call, send the handset many times – bad tone. Negotiations are conducted only with decision makers. The promise to call back should be carried out immediately, as soon as the problem is solved, or within a day. If a specialist is absent from the workplace, information can be exchanged with the help of another employee or assistant manager. The content of the message through a third party or answering machine must be planned in advance, following the rules of communication by phone. Ask the secretary to organize the transfer of data and check that they reach the addressee in any case. Recording to an answering machine starts with a greeting, indicating the date and time of the call. After a brief message, the words of farewell follow. You cannot leave unanswered phone calls, as any call can help get important information or make a deal. Pick up the phone quickly to the third ring. Of course, you cannot answer two phones at the same time.

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